Truss roofsHand cut and truss roofs

Think Lofts also specialise in traditional cut roofing – where the shape of the roof is cut by hand. This traditional method of roofing involves cutting the timber on site, and constructing the roof by building it up.

We take care and pride in every roof we have cut and built for our customers, because the roof is what keeps the weather out of your home. A cut roof, also gives you the opportunity to have more complicated roof structures, where “hips and valleys” are within the roof structure.

Extensions and timber frame

Think Lofts can carry out traditional built or timber frame extensions, whether it is a single or double storey extension. Some of the benefits of a Timber frame building are:

  • Timber panels help insulate helping you save on money with regards to heating costs
  • The speed of the build is considerably quicker and tidier than it’s masonry alternative
  • Timber frame is not subject to as many of the weather constraints

Truss roofing

Think Lofts is competent in truss roofing with over 50 structures completed in many areas all to which have been passed by the necessary governing bodies.

Traditional hand-cut pitch roofs

Hand cut roofWe pride ourselves on being able to carry out traditional hand cut pitch roofs on various projects and properties.

  • Extending existing roofs
  • Made to measure
  • Hand cut roofs
  • Expert roof cutting
  • New roofs
  • Pitched & flat roofs
  • Dormer roof cutting
  • Gable roof cutting
  • Hip roof cutting
  • Cutting any timber type roof construction

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