L-ShapedTypes of loft conversions

Dormer / L-shaped dormer loft conversion

  • The most popular type of loft conversion undertaken in the UK
  • Typically extends vertically from the rear roof slope of the house
  • The dormer gives you more headroom and floor space than other types of conversion
  • Generally the quickest type of conversion to complete
  • Usually does not require planning permission


Mansard loft conversionMansard

  • Flat roof with the back wall sloping inwards at an angle of 72 degrees
  • Usually require planning permissions
  • L-shaped mansards can give you a lot more space and add a lot more value to the property

Velux loft conversionVelux

  • A simple conversion also known as roof-light loft conversions
  • Velux is a leading manufacturer of roof windows
  • Uses the original roof structure so a low cost option
  • Space enhancing windows are installed
  • Planning permission generally not required

Hip-to-GableHip-to-Gable / L-shaped Hip-to-Gable loft conversion

  • Only suitable for detached/semi-detached properties
  • Roof must be sloped on all four sides of the house
  • Extending from the sloping side of the roof and replacing it with a vertical wall
  • Maximises available space
  • The Hip-to-Gable is usually combined with another type of loft conversion
  • As this type of conversion changes the outline of the roof; planning permission may be required.

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